Welcome to A New Shade of Beauty’s weight loss program. We are excited to be working with you on your journey to health and wellness! Jenny, our nurse practitioner will be with you every step of the way!  

How the program works: you will have an initial consultation with Jenny. The cost of the visit is $150 and will include the visit, any labwork you need, and one virtual visit with our nutrition specialist. If you have had bloodwork done within the last three months (and have all appropriate testing I need) you can bring a copy and $50 will be taken off your payment. If you find the nutrition counseling helpful, you can continue to schedule follow up visits for $35 per visit.  

The initial visit will include having your blood drawn and sent to our collaborating lab, obtaining your initial weight, vital signs, measurements and completing new patient paperwork. If your appointment is in the morning, please come in fasting. We cannot draw labs on Friday afternoon or Saturdays. If you are not fasting or schedule an appointment on a Friday afternoon or Saturday, you will need to return for your blood draw. We will also determine if you are a good candidate for the pharmacological options.  

The most common medications that will be prescribed for weight loss include :

Once weekly Semaglutide
Once weekly Tirzepatide
Daily Phentermine
Daily Contrave

If you are local, the medication will be shipped to my office and you can pick it up. Out of town patients- the medication will be shipped directly to your home and a shipping fee will be added to your cost.  

If you need education on how to administer your injection, I am happy to set up an appointment to show you how. 

You will be required to check in every month to discuss progress with the medication. There are no additional charges for your follow up visits. You will also receive and invitation to Body Site which is another helpful tool throughout your weight loss journey. You can directly message me through this app for medication refills, questions, updates on weight, etc.   

Please be aware that insurance will not be used for this program. Medications will not be sent to a local pharmacy. The only pharmacy used for this program will be our contracted pharmacy.  

Please do not schedule a consultation if you are planning to use your insurance as I will not be getting involved with insurance companies.  

Program costs

Initial consultation


 (includes labwork and 60 minute nutrition specialist visit) $50 due at booking and remaining costs will be collected at first appointment.  

Semaglutide program


Tirzepatide program


Oral medications (phentermine, contrave, etc)


 (includes labwork and 60 minute nutrition specialist visit) $50 due at booking and remaining costs will be collected at first appointment.  

All refill requests should be requested through the messaging component on the body site app.   To ensure your medication is delivered on time, you should text for a refill 1-2 weeks before your last dose.  

Disclaimer: Insurance will not be used at all for this program. If you are planning on using insurance, I recommend visiting your primary care provider for management. Also, unfortunately if you are diagnosed with either type one or type two diabetes, I am unable to prescribe Semaglutide or Tirzepatide due to my office policy. This is something that you should further discuss with your primary care provider. If you have a personal OR family history of THYROID CANCER you are not a good candidate for Semaglutide or Tirzepatide. If you have any CARDIAC conditions such as arrhythmias or high blood pressure you will not be a great candidate for Phentermine. Please take this into consideration when booking your appointment.